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Written by Stephen Wilburn

There’s something wrong. Very wrong. It doesn’t take us too long to figure out this world, this existence isn’t living up to its potential. Maybe it was the first time you didn’t get picked for kickball or maybe it was the harsh reprimand of a parent that left you feeling broken, weak, and unlovable. This world is filled to the brim with heartache, blood, sweat, and tears.

Will it get better? Maybe. Maybe not. There are times I can envision that Star Trek future (Earl Grey on demand, beaming across the galaxy in clean clothes). But most of the time it’s hard to see the human race transcending murder, rape, and credit default swaps. This world (and most likely the next one if it’s colonized by humans) is a literal and figurative Hell. Yet, somehow…something or someone planted into the deepest part of my mind a glimmer of hope. There’s something that tugs at my thoughts and proclaims that reason, logic, beauty, and harmony do exist. The Stoics named this Logos, the governing principle of the universe. And human beings are blessed (or cursed, depending on your perspective) to know it.

As a concept, I love it. It’s the sort of thing Plato wrote about in his unforgettable Allegory of the Cave. There must be a true light. There must be an ultimate reality and our current realm is nothing more than a shadow of it. There must be a governing principle (or in quantum physics, a Theory of Everything) or else all existence would be in chaos or torn asunder. And as bad as things can get on Earth (and they can get pretty damned bad), this isn’t chaos. There are some rules. Even zombies are restrained by rules. However, the trouble with a principle, even a great one like Logos, is that it often doesn’t seem accessible or practical. In many ways, it’s even more torturous to see that things could be beautiful, loving, and harmonious – yet stubbornly remain so far from it.

Plato points to Logos

Thankfully, Logos is more than a mere concept or principle. The Logos is Jesus Christ.

That’s great and all, but how does that change this life? How does that change me?

So, where did it all go wrong? I don’t think that matters much. I’m not that concerned about Adam and Eve, a literal seven day creation, talking snakes, apples, and fig leaves. For the most part, I’m not convinced by most interpretations of the Garden of Eden poem. However, I think we can all agree this place is seriously messed up and it should be better. And I can also admit, that as much as I’ve wanted to change the world, I couldn’t even change my own inveterate attitudes.

Enter Jesus Christ.

Something happened on that Cross. Something our feeble minds can’t fully grasp, but we know it had an effect on us (all of us). During those moments, the veil between Heaven and Earth tore wide open (in quantum physics this veil is referred to as a “brane” – as in membrane – and it holds the physical universe together via superstrings). From then on, the Logos was no longer a distant concept – but an everyday reality. The spiritual realm was no longer something accessed through decades of studying stars and monastic inner quests, but through faith. From the simplest minds to the greatest thinkers in history – faith is the portal to those other dimensions discussed and proven by quantum physicists. Faith is the system of methods and subroutines that Jesus Christ, this Logos, uses to recompile you into a person like Him. Transformation. Rebirth.

Ancient religions taught at least some of this. From Mithras cults to Eleusinian mysteries – the ideas and images of death and resurrection move through history like quiescent pre-echoes and the Cross is their confluence. That so many religions and sages saw this coming isn’t all that surprising or difficult to believe. Time is attached to this particular brane and scientists have already proven the existence of other branes – therefore, there are things (probably a great many things) that aren’t restricted by time because they’re not bound to our particular brane. Gotta love String Theory.

So what does all of this mean? I don’t know exactly, and neither do the theologians or physicists. What I do know is that I endeavored to change into a man infused with the same Logos taught by Plato and the Stoics. I wanted to have that self-sacrificing love demonstrated by the greatest heroes and humblest servants. What I didn’t know then, but do know now, is that this Logos dwells within me through my faith in Jesus Christ. That doesn’t mean that I always allow it to govern my thoughts and actions (I don’t) – but it’s certainly there and it’s real. And it’s what I’m bringing with me into these other branes.

Why Jesus Christ? Because His spirit is beauty. Is love. And is a Mystery.

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